Edmonton RCMP INSET holds national security training for first responders

November 22, 2019
Edmonton, Alberta

News release

This week, from Nov. 19 – 21, 2019, the Edmonton RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) held a national security training workshop for first responders.

The RCMP's First Responder Terrorism Awareness Program (FR-TAP) provides comprehensive national security awareness training to first responders (police of jurisdiction, paramedics and fire fighters), health services and those organizations involved with critical infrastructure. The program informs key partners on possible indicators of criminal/terrorist activity and practices that might otherwise go unnoticed and unreported.

The FR-TAP consists of a 3-day Counter Terrorism Information Officer Workshop (CTIO) which serves to provide candidates national security awareness on a variety of issues and topics associated to this subject. Upon successfully completing the CTIO workshop, CTIOs receive weekly bulletins from RCMP National Headquarters, that inform them of national security issues of importance to first responders.

Offering this training to our members and partners is a pro-active step to provide education on terrorist threats and its indicators. The safety of Albertans and the security of our critical infrastructure are paramount – increasing knowledge and awareness of criminal and terrorist activities supports these priorities.


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Alberta RCMP Media Relations

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