Deschambault RCMP – Assist Residents of a Multiplex During A Fire

June 10, 2019
Deschambault Lake, Saskatchewan

News release


RCMP Crest

On the afternoon of June 7, 2019, members of the Deschambault Lake RCMP were on patrol and spotted heavy smoke coming from a multiplex housing unit. Three children came out of the residence telling officers that the thick smoke was from a pot that was left on the stove and that there were people still inside the apartments.

The two officers entered the main floor units and helped three adults out of the house. The officers then went to the upper units and evacuated the residents as the thick smoke had billowed upstairs.

Once all the residents were evacuated, one officer dawned his masks and took a fire extinguisher with him as he performed a secondary sweep of all the units, ensuring everyone made it out of the house safely. It was determined that there weren't any flames, only thick smoke from the stove.

Both of the officers were treated for smoke inhalation but due to their quick response, only one resident required medical attention. Everyone was treated and released.


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