Deputy Commissioner Statement: Reports on Money Laundering in BC

April 9, 2019
Ottawa, Ontario


The RCMP thanks the Government of British Columbia for its reports on money laundering. We trust our contribution to this latest report was helpful.

The reports help draw attention to the fact that money laundering is a complex and significant issue facing Canada and countries around the world. Organized crime groups continue to rely on money laundering to conceal their illicit profits and the RCMP acknowledges the significant impact this activity has on Canadians and the integrity of our legitimate economic institutions.

The RCMP is committed to working with government at all levels, private industry, domestic and international partners to prevent and detect the most serious cases of this illegal activity.

We would point out that with the assistance of domestic and US partners in Project Collecteur, the RCMP in Quebec recently charged 17 individuals who allegedly were involved in laundering vast sums of money through an elaborate international network that ultimately returned funds to criminals in Colombia and Mexico.

We have also had success in BC at the provincial and federal level. The dedicated employees in our Federal Serious and Organized Crime sections have been, and are currently, engaged in a number of money laundering investigations.

As the report highlights, the RCMP faces significant challenges and pressures in delivering federal policing services to Canadians. However, this requires transforming and modernizing the RCMP in a variety of areas that cut across the organization and impact all types of investigations.

At this time, we are working on a national resourcing strategy to better position the RCMP to deliver results across its federal mandate, including money laundering and other financial crime.

Through intelligence-based decision making processes, we will continually re-evaluate and align resources to meet the highest criminal threats to Canadians.

Deputy Commissioner Gilles Michaud,
RCMP Federal Policing


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