Conservation Officers and RCMP Officers stop vehicles who don't stop for school busses

October 30, 2019
Hunter River, Prince Edward Island

News release



Many messages have been issued by police agencies across Prince Edward Island and their partners in policing to provide clear instructions for drivers when school busses are present. The "prepare to stop for yellow" and "stop for red" rules are not new and yet, some drivers feel they are above this rule. Not only do they ignore the lights but they willingly endanger the lives of children in an effort to win a few minutes of time on the road.

On Tuesday, October 29th, Provincial Government Conservation Officers charged a Charlottetown resident for failing to stop for red lights flashing at a school bus stop near Hunter River.

Then, at the very next bus drop off stop, RCMP stopped a second driver for failing to stop for a school bus with its red lights flashing.

Please follow the rules that keep our children safe. Encourage others to do the same and report those that choose to break these important laws of the road.


Contact information

S/Sgt. Shane Hubley
Queens District RCMP

Wade MacKinnon
Department of Justice and Public Safety, Public Safety Division
Investigation and Enforcement Section

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