7th Crime-Free Multi-Housing property joins program!

February 6, 2019
St. Albert, Alberta

News release

St. Albert RCMP and Knightsbridge Condo (160 Kingswood Boulevard) will be celebrating the Official Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) property certification on Wednesday Feb. 13, 2019, from 6-7 p.m. at 160 Kingswood Boulevard, St. Albert. A short program and the presentation of the certificates will take place at this time, followed by refreshments.

St. Albert RCMP are looking forward to bringing these properties into the Crime Free Multi-Housing program in St. Albert. This program is expanding throughout Edmonton, Stony Plain and Spruce Grove, and has been operating in Alberta since 2000, and this is the seventh time that St. Albert has accredited a property. Crime Free Multi Housing has shown a huge benefit to communities as the program brings property residents and police together to keep their properties free of crime. In the US and Canada, Crime Free Multi Housing properties have seen as much as 70 per cent reduction in calls for service by police once they put the program concepts into place.

This celebration recognizes the work that both the RCMP and Knightsbridge Condo have completed in order to receive certification. St. Albert RCMP completed a pre-inspection of the building to identify any safety improvements needed by the property to meet the CFMH standards. Because this these properties were built all in line with the CFMH principles, this inspection found very few areas to improve and the property easily met the CFMH standards.

CFMH, an international organization formed by a police officer in 1992 in Mesa, Arizona, was developed to improve safety in multi-housing units, while reducing their calls to police. It is based on nine components that reduce the crime vulnerability of the buildings, all of which must be in place in order for the buildings to become certified. It is a crime prevention initiative designed specifically to help the owners, managers, residents, police and other agencies work together to keep illegal activity out of the multi-family housing structure.

CFMH benefits the owners and managers by providing a stable satisfied resident base, while lowering the maintenance and repair costs of the building. The residents have a safe place to call home where neighbours work together to build community and reduce crime. Police have an improved partnership with multi-family communities, and the Crime Free Multi housing Program embraces the City of St. Albert's safe community plan - "Partnering together for a safe and connected community".

"St. Albert RCMP is very excited to welcome Knightsbridge Condo into the Crime Free Multi Housing program." Says Cpl. Laurel Kading, Non commissioned Officer in Charge of the St. Albert Community Policing Unit.


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