Alberta RCMP’s Crime Map a new tool for Albertans

October 10, 2018
St. Albert, Alberta

News release

Today, the RCMP in Alberta provided a demonstration of Alberta RCMP's new Crime Map tool. The online tool enables the Alberta RCMP to directly engage with citizens on what they care about most: their own neighbourhoods.

The Crime Map enables Albertans to access current and verified information regarding criminal incidents in their neighbourhoods. Equipped with accurate information, Alberta RCMP hopes citizens will use the map to develop sound crime prevention habits for their families and their communities, and encourage citizens to report suspicious activities.

The map citizens have access to is a small indication of the analytical work the RCMP does in locating the individuals that harm communities the most. Through an internal version of the application and combined with other technologies, Alberta RCMP can develop geographical crime hotspots to guide targeted enforcement initiatives.

How does the Crime Map Work?

  • The RCMP crime map displays reports of criminal incidents as received by the RCMP within the last 14 days.
  • Crime types presented on the map include: theft from motor vehicle, theft of motor vehicle, break and enter, theft over/under $5,000, mischief and missing persons reports.
  • These crime types were selected as information on these crime types can inform local crime prevention strategies.
  • In the interest of privacy, the exact location of each crime occurrence is not plotted. Locations are estimated to a nearby road.

Where can I find it?

  • Albertans can access the map through a participating municipality's website.
  • As website configurations are unique to each municipality, we ask citizens to visit their participating municipality's website to access the map.


"Through the Crime Map, we hope to raise Albertans' awareness level about criminal activities in their backyards so they can report suspicious activity and help us make their neighbourhoods safer."

-Superintendent Mike Good, Operations Strategy Branch, Alberta RCMP

"The Crime Map helps the RCMP respond more quickly and accurately to community concerns. If there's a rash of break-ins, that's an opportunity for us to go out and talk to residents, educate them on how to proactively safeguard their property and give them resources to protect themselves."

-Inspector Pamela Robinson, Detachment Commander, St. Albert RCMP

"This tool gives our residents access to local and accurate crime-related information. Providing up-to-date information, which has been vetted by an authoritative source, is essential to ensuring that citizens have a clear picture of crime-related issues in our community."

-Councillor Sheena Hughes, City of St. Albert


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