Merlo/Davidson Settlement Information

August 11, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario


The Federal Court has approved a settlement between the RCMP and female RCMP members and public service employees who worked within the RCMP and who were subject to gender and sexual orientation based discrimination, bullying and/or harassment by other persons who worked within the RCMP.

Details of the settlement can be found at

The settlement provides for change initiatives within the RCMP to eliminate discrimination, bullying and/or harassment in the workplace. It also provides for a claims process and payment of compensation to class members with meritorious claims as determined by an independent assessor. Any class member has the right to make a claim under the settlement without fear of retaliation for doing so.

To be clear, there is to be no retaliation against anyone for making a claim under the settlement. Any act of retaliation will be treated seriously and sanctions may be imposed commensurate with the circumstances and seriousness of any retaliatory action.

Daniel G.J. Dubeau, D/Commr
Acting Commissioner


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