Daily occurrence reports

The New Brunswick RCMP daily occurrence report (DOR) is a reflection of the files received and processed by the New Brunswick RCMP during a 24-hour period. The report includes the total number of calls for service, as well as a breakdown of those calls based on the following criteria:

  • Priority 1 – A major incident in progress that requires immediate police presence, assistance or service
  • Priority 2 – There is an urgent need for police presence, assistance or service
  • Priority 3 – Reports that requires police presence, assistance or service but no immediate or urgent requirement
  • Priority 4 – Reports that do not require police attendance but may require further action

A brief description of some calls for service is also provided. Please note, descriptions of files may not be available due to ongoing investigations, Privacy Act requirements, or to protect officer and public safety.

Further breakdown of the numbers provided in the daily occurrence report is not available. Annual reconciliation of New Brunswick RCMP statistics is provided in the New Brunswick RCMP annual report.

Every attempt is made to provide accurate and consistent information; however, statistics and descriptions may be subject to change based on the results of ongoing investigations, file closures, reclassification of files, and other factors.


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