National Youth Engagement Week

Students from across Canada are selected for National Youth Engagement Week.


National Youth Engagement Week (NYEW), which was scheduled for March 23-27 at our Training Academy (Depot) in Regina, Saskatchewan, has been cancelled as a precaution for limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Want to train like a Mountie for a week?

National Youth Engagement Week is a unique opportunity to experience five days at Depot, the RCMP's training academy in Regina. A select group of Grade 12 students (secondaire 5 in Quebec) from across Canada will experience what it's like to be a cadet in training.

If chosen, you'll get the opportunity to interact with police officers from various RCMP units. Activities may include:

  • a fitness session
  • drill class
  • driving simulation
  • police defensive tactics
  • a tour of the RCMP Heritage Centre
  • and much more

What you need to know

Date: March 23–27, 2020

Location: RCMP Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan

Cost: FREE! Travel, accommodation and meals will be provided by the RCMP.

Are you eligible?

To be considered, you must:

  • interested in a law enforcement career
  • a Grade 12 student (secondaire 5 in Quebec)
  • proficient in English and/or French
  • a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status in Canada


My experience at Depot was absolutely life-changing. I saw what it was like for a cadet each day at Depot and gained immense knowledge about the RCMP and policing as a whole.

Jacob, 2019 National Youth Engagement Week participant
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