Forms completion for RCMP officer applicants

Applicants who have graduated with a Bachelor's degree or a college diploma (minimum two-years) from a recognized post-secondary institution, as well as those with the most competitive scores for the RCMP Entrance Exam (RPAB), will be selected to continue in the application process. Upon selection, applicants will be contacted and asked to proceed with filling out and returning the required forms and documents.

Please follow the instructions carefully.

  • Incomplete or illegible forms will not be considered.
  • You must complete the forms electronically, print and sign. Some forms will also require initials which can only be performed once the form has been printed.
  • Applicants will be provided instructions to submit their forms and documentation electronically. Hand delivered or emailed packages will not be accepted.
  • Retain original copies of all forms for your records. Applicants may be asked to supply hard copies to authenticate their documentation.
  • All dates are to be entered in order of YY/MM/DD.
  • Incorrect or incomplete forms may cause a considerable delay in your recruiting process and may lead to your file being closed.

Required forms

The following two (2) forms have already been completed and should be included with the forms outlined below.

  • Regular Member Applicant Hearing Examination Report (RCMP 6509, the previous version of the form RCMP 3184 will also be accepted)
  • Vision Examination of Applicant (RCMP 2180)

The following forms are to be completed electronically as PDF, printed and signed.

Security forms

Applicants will be required to complete the security forms through the use of the Online Industrial Security Services (OLISS). If selected, applicants will be provided instructions to submit their personal information through the online service. The forms below are for reference only so that you may begin to collect the information required for the OLISS submission.

Required personal documents

Originals of the following documents will be required to be scanned. Scans of copies will not be accepted.

  • Birth Certificate (front & back)
  • Canadian Citizenship or permanent resident (PR) card & Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292) (if applicable)
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Marriage/Divorce/Separation Certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Transcript of high school marks (must indicate graduated) or equivalency assessment.
  • University or college transcript (must indicate graduated) or equivalency assessment (if applicable).
  • Driver's License (front & back)
  • Statement of Driving Record for the past three (3) years
    Note: If you have lived in another province or territory within the last three (3) years, please provide a Statement of Driving Record from that province or territory as well.
  • Provincial Health Card
  • A valid standard first aid certificate, including Level C CPR for infant, child and adult (valid for the duration of the Cadet Training Program)
    Note: This certificate will be requested closer to the end of the recruiting process. You are not to submit this in your selection package or complete too early in your application process. Completing this certification prior to it being requested could result in your certification expiring and needing to re-certify in order to proceed.

Immunizations and Tuberculosis status

It is recommended that applicants obtain the following immunizations and Tuberculosis screening.

Recommended immunizations

The following routine adult immunizations should be up-to-date at the medical screening stage:

  1. Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap)
  2. Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
  3. Hepatitis B series

Tuberculosis screening

The following documentation should also be provided:

  1. Two-Step Tuberculin Skin Test (Mantoux), include date, results in mm and signature of provider reading results
  2. Chest X-Ray (only if positive Mantoux at 10mm or greater)

Applicants are required to provide documentation of immunization and Tuberculosis screening status during the medical screening phase of the application process.

Note: Individuals accepted for the Cadet Training Program who fail to provide this information may face delays with their attendance at Depot.

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