In accordance with the Firearms Act, the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) oversees firearms licences and registration, maintains national firearm safety training standards, assists law enforcement agencies and aims to enhance public safety. Firearms in Canada continue to be regulated by the Firearms Act and Part III of the Criminal Code.

Online services



Information about requirements for firearms licences, including exceptions in certain circumstances, for individuals and businesses

Importing and exporting

Information about importing and exporting firearms, and ammunition


Information about types of firearms and firearm registration requirements for restricted and prohibited firearms

Buying and selling

Information about the requirements for buying, selling and transferring firearms

Firearms safety

Information about firearms safety training and safe practices for storing, transporting and displaying firearms

Executors and heirs

Information for executors of estates and heirs of firearms

Shooting clubs and ranges

Shooting clubs and ranges – Information about design guidelines and sound requirements

Classes of firearms

Firearms in Canada fall into three different classes: non-restricted, restricted, and prohibited

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