Epost Connect pilot project

The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) has started a pilot project using epost Connect to communicate with our clients. This system makes it easier to send and receive confidential messages and documents, in a secure format. Using epost Connect will help us process your requests faster.

The epost Connect pilot project will be tested using new licence applications. Messages related to all other services (such as licence renewal and registration) will continue using our regular processes. If you have provided an email address with your new licence application (between January and May 2021), you may receive a request to create an epost Connect account. If you agree to participate and create an account, we will then be able to send correspondence to you, such as a request for missing information, through this new system, making it faster and easier for us to exchange information.

Using epost Connect is completely voluntary and free for you to use. You will still have the option of using mail, fax and phone to contact the CFP.

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