Modernize training for new cadets

The RCMP is updating the Cadet Training Program (CTP) curriculum to ensure cadets receive the knowledge and skills to work effectively with diverse people and communities. The goal is to strengthen diversity and inclusion both within the curriculum and the training environment.

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Why it matters

The CTP is the basic police training that all RCMP regular members must complete before they begin their careers. The curriculum is modern and current, delivered effectively, and ensures that RCMP officers have the competencies they require to provide the best service possible to the public.

Aug 2023


The Cadet Training Program (CTP) recently updated the Emergency Vehicle Operation Pursuit curriculum. These updates have been accompanied with actual in-car police footage from the RCMP across all Divisions.

Updates have been made to the curriculum for the time management session, where cadets discuss time management and the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between different activities. New sessions have been added on intercultural competence; new unconscious bias scenarios will be added later this year. These are being added in consultation with Dr. Lois James, an expert in bias in policing. Resilience training is provided to Cadets in the Cadet Training Program as part of the Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) study. Facilitators also receive this training.

Police defensive tactics training has been updated to provide effective techniques that reduce risk of injury to both police and clients.

The Cadet Training Program and Recruit Field Training curriculums are currently undergoing end-to-end reviews conducted by an external consultation group for equity, diversity and inclusion, to remove outdated practices and ensure that the content is reflective of contemporary realities.

May 2022


The CTP is continually updated to reflect valuable insights from assessments, evaluation processes and changing public expectations.

The recently updated cadet curriculum now includes more training on harassment and violence in the workplace, unconscious bias and anti-racism. New training on character leadership and informal conflict management are now being delivered as part of the CTP, as well as updated police defensive tactics training.

The implementation of many recommendations from the National Program Evaluation Services review concerning the paramilitary aspects of cadet training are complete. The remaining recommendations will be addressed by September 2022.

The RCMP Management Advisory Board's Training Taskforce is also conducting a comprehensive examination of the CTP, and recently conducted an on-site visit. The taskforce will release a set of recommendations later in 2022.

Jan 2022


Over the past year, numerous assessments and evaluation processes have been conducted to ensure the CTP curriculum is updated for current needs.

In fall 2021, members of the external RCMP Management Advisory Board (MAB) Training Task Force started a comprehensive examination of the CTP to ensure that revisions, additions or deletions made to the program and its curriculum are based on evidence and research, essential to the high level of accountability required for police training.

Recent assessments conducted include a Gender-Based Analysis Plus review of materials and an external review of the curriculum's legal material. A review of the RCMP Depot para-military training environment and culture is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. An assessment of the CTP curriculum and Field Coaching Program are also underway to evaluate the formal and informal training methods, and how they reflect current requirements and needs of front-line police officers.

The new CTP will launch in 2022/23 based on results and recommendations from these review processes.

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