Increase use of Gender-Based Analysis (GBA) Plus across the RCMP

The RCMP is now using Gender-Based Analysis (GBA) Plus across the organization to help ensure that all of our policies, programs and processes are inclusive and help create a safer, healthier work environment for everyone.

The RCMP is increasing its GBA Plus capacity across all sectors of the organization, to identify and remove barriers for diverse groups of people in RCMP policies, programs and operations. A central GBA Plus Centre of Expertise has been created and works to equip employees with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to effectively apply GBA Plus.

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Why it matters

We are committed to doing better when it comes to creating a healthy, respectful and inclusive workplace. Applying GBA Plus across our work on an ongoing basis will allow us to better meet community needs, foster a more inclusive workplace, and support modernization efforts. GBA Plus includes engaging with various groups of people to better understand and respond to diverse experiences and needs.



A resource on systemic workplace barriers was released internally in 2022 and is available from the RCMP GBA Plus Centre of Expertise. This resource helps to raise awareness of best practices in support of an inclusive workplace culture by providing an overview of key systemic barriers that are common across many employment sectors and outlining tips to help address and avoid them.

GBA Plus training was conducted with members of the Covert Operations Employment Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee in 2023, using practical examples of how to incorporate GBA Plus into operations.

A GBA Plus policy statement for the RCMP was published on the RCMP website in January 2024, as part of a new GBA Plus webpage with resources and contacts.

May 2022


The RCMP Gender-based Analysis (GBA) Plus Network meets quarterly to share resources and tools to support the integration of GBA Plus across the RCMP.

On April 28, 2022, the RCMP's Internal Audit and Evaluation team participated in a GBA Plus training session, where they learned more about how to integrate this essential tool into their day-to-day work. Given their role in verifying that the RCMP is achieving expected outcomes and objectives, strengthening the use of GBA Plus in this critical function will help to ensure that processes, programs and policies are inclusive and barrier free.

GBA Plus resources related to inclusive language and systemic workplace barriers are in development and are anticipated to be released in December 2022.

Jan 2022


The GBA Plus Centre of Expertise coordinates an RCMP GBA Plus Network of approximately 70 members to increase the use of GBA Plus within RCMP divisions and business lines.

The senior management team now includes a GBA Plus expert to ensure GBA Plus considerations are integrated in decision-making processes. We also identified a Deputy Commissioner to champion and promote GBA Plus training and priority initiatives across the organization.

Already, the application of GBA Plus has led to meaningful changes at the RCMP, such as:

  • our uniforms are improved to be more inclusive and serve the needs of our diverse employees
  • our promotions process is more equitable – for example, using the GBA Plus lens we changed the timing of applications for our Officer Candidate Process, which has resulted in a 15% increase in women applicants
  • our awards and recognition policies now recognize Leave Without Pay for parental leave when counting years of service

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