Advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples

The RCMP is working to strengthen trust with Indigenous peoples in Canada. This is the beginning of a long road ahead, built on acknowledging past harm, listening with respect and taking positive actions to improve our shared future.

While RCMP leadership is engaging with national Inuit, First Nations and Métis leaders, our employees in divisions and detachments across Canada are building stronger relationships every day with leaders and members of the hundreds of Indigenous communities we serve.

Implement national and divisional reconciliation strategies

Implement reconciliation strategies to put words into action and build trust with Indigenous peoples.

Increase use of restorative justice

Increase restorative justice to improve community and police relations.

Partner with Indigenous women's groups

Formalize working relationships with partners to advance the safety and well-being of Indigenous women and children.

The RCMP-Indigenous, Co-Development, Collaboration and Accountability office

Cultivate trust with First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities and ensure RCMP employees are knowledgeable of Indigenous cultures, histories and realities.

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