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Depot training during the pandemic



CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT SYLVIE BOURASSA-MUISE: In March 2020, the RCMP Academy postponed training and sent 16 troops home, the first shut down of its kind for Depot.

The pandemic has impacted all of us.

Here at the RCMP Academy, we take COVID-19 seriously.

CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT TYLER BATES: Immediately, we started planning for their safe return.

The Training Continuation Team was created to implement measures facility management and personal protective equipment requirements.

The biggest change is a mandatory 14-day isolation for all arriving cadets. During this time training is delivered online.

After isolation, each troop is considered a "bubble" and is integrated into the training environment.

C/SUPT. BOURASSA-MUISE: In late May of 2020, one by one, troops returned to Depot. By October, all troops resumed training and we are pleased to share that most troops have already graduated.

Starting April 1, we will be on track to welcome 34 troops for the fiscal year.

C/SUPT. BATES: As a vital part of the national RCMP Business Continuity Plan, we have implemented steps to ensure the Cadet Training Program continues to thrive. These include:

  • half-capacity accommodations and class size,
  • strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols,
  • mandatory medical masks,
  • personnel health screening,
  • adapted dining and training spaces to allow for physical distancing,
  • Depot remaining closed to the public,
  • permitting employees who are directly involved
  • with training or critical tasks on base,
  • and implementing remote working for other employees.

In addition to the mask mandate, instructors are required to maintain a distance of at least 2 metres.

Despite these new protocols, the quality of training has not changed. The content of the Cadet Training Program remains consistent.

C/Supt. BOURASSA-MUISE: As we approach one year from the initial training disruption, we continue to implement best practices in collaboration with provincial and federal health authorities.

The actions we take today, and the necessary steps we take in the future will ensure the integrity of the Cadet Training Program and the quality of new constables posted in our communities.

No matter what challenges we face, we remain committed to keeping Canadians safe.

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