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RCMP Academy: 26 Weeks of Training in 26 Seconds


26 Weeks of Training in 26 Seconds

  1. Commanding Officer Brenda Lucki: Welcome. Bienvenue à Dépôt.
  2. (Tying boots)
  3. (Adjusting kit on a bunk)
  4. (Picking up a jacket)
  5. (Marching)
  6. (Pushing a machine in the gym)
  7. (Opening a binder)
  8. (Answering a car radio)
  9. (Loading and firing a pistol)
  10. (Jumping a wooden obstacle)
  11. (Taking fingerprints)
  12. (Getting a plate of food)
  13. (Playing trombone on parade)
  14. (Using a driving simulator)
  15. (Firing a shotgun)
  16. (Driving a vehicle)
  17. (Getting sprayed in the face)
  18. (Opening a book)
  19. (Putting on a gas mask)
  20. (Running an obstacle course)
  21. (Boxing)
  22. (Practicing in a scenario room)
  23. (Running outside)
  24. (Dropping a bag and drinking soda)
  25. (Adjusting the red serge)
  26. (Receiving a badge and shaking hands)

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