Visiting the RCMP Cemetery at Depot in Regina

There is an important place at Depot Division that RCMP regular and civilian members, their survivors and any dependents can access: the RCMP Cemetery. Although Depot is a secure training facility for the RCMP, we want to provide access to all visitors while ensuring the safety of everyone.

To visit a loved one at the RCMP Cemetery at Depot, visitors can expect to follow these steps:

  • Come to the Fort Dufferin Guardroom. You will be asked to exchange a Government issued photo ID, such as your driver’s license for a visitor’s pass. If a child is accompanying an adult, a visitor’s pass is not required for them. Should an emergency occur on Depot grounds, it will help us to know who is on base at any given time to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • A Commissionaire will escort you to the gate of the cemetery, where you will be provided intimate time and space needed while visiting your loved one. Visitors can visit the cemetery for as long as needed.
  • When you are done, meet the Commissionaire by the cemetery gate and they will bring you back to the Guardroom.
  • After you return the visitor’s pass, you will get your ID and will be free to carry on with your day.

Visiting the graveside of a loved one is a deeply personal experience that often brings us comfort in our grief. Depot is committed to assisting visitor with their needs.

For any inquiries during business hours, please don’t hesitate to contact Depot Security Administration at 639-625-3412.

November 2023 Update

A group of Depot Division representatives as well as RCMP veterans and RCMP spouses recently had a committee meeting about the RCMP Cemetery at Depot. The Support Services Officer for Depot Division, Supt. Kimberley Pasloske, chaired the meeting and provided the following updates:

  • Two (2) new columbarium walls were added to the RCMP Cemetery in November 2023. There are now up to 128 niches available for future use.
  • Additional fencing will be added to close off the cemetery and maintain the RCMP Training Academy as a secure training facility. This project is in the required procurement process to find a designer and is a top priority. No concrete timelines for starting this project are available at this time.
  • Another project will include upgrading the irrigation at the cemetery. This project is a bit more involved and will take longer get through the required procurement process. No concrete timelines for starting this project are available at this time.
  • Moving forward, the goal is to formalize the group at the table as a Cemetery Committee. The committee will continue to work together to improve access and maintenance of the RCMP Cemetery at Depot. They are working together to create “Terms of Reference” for the committee, including a vision, purpose and mandate.
  • The committee will meet again in December 2023. Another update will be provided following that meeting.

Our departed members and their families are important to us. We will continue honouring their memories and keep them alive in our hearts. We intend for the RCMP Cemetery at Depot to be a beautiful and comforting place for visitors and mourners. A place where we can all can remember, pay tribute and honour our departed loved ones.

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