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Training Programs

The RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre has three core functions:

  • Breeding quality working dogs
  • Training of dog teams
  • Annual validation of dog teams

To meet these core functions, we have a number of interdependent programs.

  • World Class Breeding Program
  • Potential Police Dog Imprinting program
  • Potential Police Dog Pre-Training program
  • Dog Handler Training program *
    • Narcotic Detection
    • Explosive Detection **
  • Dog Handler Retraining program *
    • Narcotic Detection
    • Explosive Detection **
  • Avalanche Search & Rescue program
  • Advanced Techniques Training program
  • Assistance to outside agencies
  • Specialty Narcotic Detection program *
  • Human Remains Detection Program

* These training programs have a mandatory six-month follow-up component.

** All Teams trained in Explosives Detection have a mandatory two-week on-site explosives training.

All teams trained are subject to annual validation(s) of each of their working profiles. Failure to meet the prescribed levels mandate remedial training with follow-up validation.