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Selection Criteria for Handlers

All dog handlers are regular members of the RCMP who volunteer for Police Dog Services. Volunteers work for years with experienced Police Dog Handlers to learn some of the basic skills.

Some volunteers are selected for a week long Potential Police Dog Imprinting Course. At the course's conclusion, the aspirant is assigned a series of potential police dogs to imprint. Imprinting of puppies begins with early neurological stimulation and continues until they enter training. Potential Police dogs are monitored monthly and are tested at 49 days, four, eight and twelve months.

When the pup is about 14 to 16 months old, they are ready to return to the kennels for basic training which lasts approximately 4 months. Its main purpose is to mold a handler and dog into a capable and efficient working unit but course success or failure depends upon the handler having won the dog's confidence.