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About our handlers

The Police Dog Service Training Centre is staffed by some of the most experienced and best Police Dog Handlers that the RCMP has to offer. No other organization or agency in Canada has more fully trained and operational Police Dogs. The RCMP has well over one hundred Police Dog Teams and is therefore in a position to maintain and further develop programs relating to enforcement.

Police dog handlers are accountable to the communities they serve - including all Canadians, to whom they provide federal policing services, and to provinces, territories and municipalities under contract with the RCMP. All police dog handlers trained by the RCMP are encouraged to become actively involved with their communities, to become pro-active in the education of youth - particularly those vulnerable to drug abuse -and to be positive role models for them. Consequently, RCMP values – integrity, honesty, professionalism, compassion, respect, and accountability – are all an integral part of the training given to the police dog handlers.

The Police Dog Service Training Centre also understands the importance of working closely with its partners. By training teams from outside agencies, both domestic and internationally, it is believed that ‘bridges’ can be built and allow all parties involved to better serve the communities of the world that engage us for their protection.