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Our dogs

RCMP Police Dog Services only uses purebred German shepherds for General Duty teams. Other breeds may be used for Specialty Detection teams.

Male dogs are favoured but some females are chosen. In addition to being in perfect physical condition, they must have particular personality traits which make them suitable for police work: even temperament, hunting instinct and sound character are essential. All RCMP dogs are taught to protect their handlers, themselves or to apprehend upon command. Any that display reluctance to do so are not accepted.

The German shepherd breed displays the versatility, strength and courage that makes it eminently suitable for Canadian police work. Their heavy coats allow them to work under extreme climatic conditions. In addition, their presence seems to have an inhibitive psychological effect on potential wrongdoers. German shepherds trained to apprehend will invariably make a successful arrest despite the fact they are trained only to hold, never to be savage.