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Week 16: Backroads and Highways

“We're all going out West (well, most of us)”

Air photo of the RCMP Academy


This week seemed like a long one as we had so much to do. On Monday we had police driving all day. Oh, what it is to ride in a pick-up truck all day! Well it wasn't all day: we were driving in a 4x4 on the gravel roads for the morning, and the afternoon consisted of highway driving with highspeed passing and crazy u-turns. It was great fun - we should do this sort of stuff all the time!

Tuesday was also a big day: Staffing interviews. My interview went well. It was basically a chit-chat about my qualifications, ambitions and progress. I was told that I have a great attitude and that at the present time they have absolutely no idea where I am going to end up. This led me to believe that I would most likely be getting an undesirable Division... Luckily, by the end of the week, the decisions had been made, the divisions assigned, and I was quite pleased. As most of the troop, I will be going West. Now all I've got to do is make a wish list of detachments I would like to work in and we'll see where the whirlwind of Staffing drops me!

Oh and did I mention that we also got our stripes? Finally we look like a troop that's only eight weeks from graduation. Now the remaining challenges are as follows: can we keep our Blues? And, how long before we wear our high browns? These are the riding boots that take forever to lace up! Especially cumbersome if you're constantly changing for Fitness or PDT.

While on the subject of PDT, we're still practising the art of carotid control. I figured that I have a good handle on the concepts but in Friday's class it became very apparent to me that I do not know my own strength. As it turns out, I may or may not have knocked out one of my troopmates (only very briefly and completely unintentional, of course)! Anyway, with that behind us now I can't wait for the next instalments of PDT: ground fighting!

This week also included our on-call exercise. In addition to attending class and other requirements, the troop was on-call. This means that we all had to cover certain shifts (around the clock) in the event that there was an emergency (Depot generated, of course) we had to respond to. We got a few calls (unfortunately - or fortunately because it allowed me to continue sleeping - I was not on shift for any of them) and from the sounds of it, the experience was good as it represents the workings of a small detachment. This will undoubtedly help some of my troopmates decide whether they want to venture into the world of LDPs (Limited Duration Postings) or not.

The verdict: I'm going to “K” Division (Alberta). I look forward to acquiring my first 10-gallon hat!