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Week 13: Reality Check

“And then there were 29…”

Cadets in a classroom


The starting point of this week was stressful and the end of it was just dreadful. Monday morning we had our mid-term. What a way to start the week. It was tough, but I did well and got my required P. Very nearly everybody passed. At the time I figured those who didn't pass could re-write and they would do fine when given another chance. This was not the case. The re-write came and went, and with it went one of our troopmates who did not pass the second time around either. It was just a horrible way to end the day especially since the troop as a whole was having a good one.

In Fitness we had the most exciting class ever with our Uniform Run. This is where we get dressed in all of our equipment and go crawling under things, scaling walls, chasing clients through buildings, up and down stairs as well as a call to duty where we had to take off and put back on our vests and belts to simulate being called into work (in other words, at lightning speed). And did I mention the fireman's carry? All fun stuff - I guess it's not as removed from the real world as say interval running! Unfortunately that's where the fun ended and the day came to a crashing halt. In the last session of the day the troop found out that our re-write candidate did not pass. The news was shocking as well as devastating. It's like losing a member of the family. Our now former troopmate went home this weekend and now we're down to 29. It can happen so fast, it'll take you by surprise even though we know the rules coming into Depot. And when they do send someone home the turnaround from here to gone is remarkably quick, they don't miss a beat: dismissed today, all RCMP issue confiscated an hour later, and on a plane tomorrow.

Some of the better times this week included another session of Cormier Court scenarios (these are the scenarios where actors play the parts of complainants and/or subjects of complaint, as opposed to arresting our own). It's been quite a while since we were there the first time and of course things were stepped up a notch or two which made for some interesting renditions of COPS! I will spare the boring details but I will mention the grand finale: I nearly ended up face-planting someone into the TV for pulling a firearm on me. I was glad to see that even when I'm really tired the reflexes still kick in, and similarly to COPS we got it all on tape!

Finally, the most peculiar thing to have happen this week was the fact that we had Wednesday off. Yes, that's right, it's not a typo. In the middle of the work week we had nothing on the schedule with the exception of breakfast and lunch. It was very unusual; I was not sure what I was supposed to do (as I'm not a procrastinator I did not have a lot on the docket). I did however get a chance to complete my peer assessments (of my troopmates). They're anonymous and allow everyone to be completely honest about their opinions of others. Of course this “day off” was conditional - we all had to be out of the dorms and in uniform. It was an interesting experience having nearly 500 cadets looking for an available computer to work on files, or whatever else had to be done. And every time I thought I'd finally found a workstation someone announced that the computer lab was closing in a few minutes due to a pre-scheduled session. Productive stuff! I guess it's lucky that I had most of my requirements complete!