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Week 7: Marching Orders

“These boots were made for walkin’”

Cadet in a car holding a radio mic


This week was filled with a number of benchmarks or little evaluations. In other words: the pressure's on! Week 7 started with a quiz on the powers of arrest. I thought that I was familiar with this material however, come quiz time, I felt like Moose Mason (from the Archie comics) during one of his many attempts to count to 10. Apparently I still gots me some reviewin' to do! As if that wasn't enough of a kick to my self-confidence, I nearly passed out from lack of oxygen in Fitness. It probably didn't help that we were running in 30 degree heat with a humidex that was off the chart. (I thought it was dry heat in SK?!)

Tuesday was somewhat more agreeable with PDU (Driving) in the morning and PDT (Police Defensive Tactics) in the afternoon. I have determined that it's all about becoming familiar with the little things and so when you're expected to put it all together (multi-tasking) it becomes much easier as you're not struggling with the tasks on an individual basis. For example, to do well in PDU get to know the 10 and alpha codes, get comfortable using the radio, familiarize yourself with the city - names, directions of streets, etc. All this so that you can focus on the police driving tactics to be learned and applied. To bookend the benchmarking, we had Firearms and the Fitness Coopers run on Thursday. I am happy to report that I got all the necessary Ps! [Ed.’s Note: “P” refers to Professional, which is the required rating to successfully accomplish or complete a task.]

Wednesday was also a cause for cheering. Initially I thought the day was off to a bad start what with Drill right after Firearms. Since Firearms is always letting us out late, we end up missing the bus - it's about a 3/4 mile away from everything - and end up running to Drill. By the time we get there, we're already late, agitated, out of breath, exhausted, etc., resulting in a shaky start to the synchronized walking we need to perform. But in the end, it turned out all right as we received our marching orders! That's right: we now wear ankle boots and are no longer required to run/double everywhere! Let's hope it stays this way, because as I've seen with other troops any privileges earned can just as easily be revoked for any given reason.

A privilege we've earned just in time if you ask me: this weekend was the arrival of our little brother/sister troop and it's great to be able to say we've accomplished as much as getting our boots. It's hard to believe but we're already four troops in! It's now up to us to welcome the new troop, show them around, give advice, provide guidance, basically it boils down to scaring them! Kidding, kidding... I would never do that... intentionally! It does seem weird however that we're now expected to mentor others when there's no way that we've mastered everything ourselves. As I've mentioned previously, the “firsts” just keep coming, they just become less surprising and less overwhelming as the weeks progress.