Sunset Ceremony

Thank you!

To all our guests, special performers and the community of Regina, thank you for your support and joining us this summer. See you again at Sunset Ceremonies in 2023 when we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the RCMP!

This colourful event includes a foot-drill display performed by cadets wearing scarlet tunics, a cannon drill and the ceremonial lowering of the Canadian flag to the playing of Retreat. The event ends with a march past and a formal salute to the review officer.

  • Gates and activities: 6 pm
  • Event start: 6:45 pm
  • Free of charge

Parking is available at the RCMP Heritage Centre, 5907 Dewdney Avenue, Regina.

2022 schedule

Sunset Ceremonies take place on Canada Day and Tuesdays until mid-August, weather permitting.


The RCMP Academy is an active training site and a secure facility. Access is controlled. Personal items may be searched on entry.

This event includes live cannon and rifle fire. We recommend you bring hearing protection, especially for young children.

Please do not bring your pets. Service dogs are welcome.

Please bring a blanket or lawn chairs. Seating is not provided.

Accessibility tips

Sunset Ceremonies are outdoor, community events. To help those with mobility concerns, here are some items to note:

  • These events draw larger crowds who walk from the RCMP Heritage Centre parking lot to Depot
  • We encourage guests with mobility needs to arrive early and park closest to the south end of the parking lot
  • The RCMP Heritage Centre will operate a vehicle for folks with mobility issues


Communication and Event Management Services

Sunset Ceremony 2021 - Transcript

[Upbeat music plays]

TITLE: RCMP Depot Division, Sunset Ceremony 2021

[Montage of the RCMP Academy: the A.B. Perry Building with the Depot Division ensign blowing in the wind, a troop of cadets in red serge and masks marching, two troops in front of the RCMP Cenotaph performing a drill formation, dadets folding the Canada flag, the Depot ensign blowing in the breeze]

COMMENTATOR: Welcome to the Sunset Ceremony at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Depot Division.

Greetings to those of you who are joining us virtually today.

[repeats the message in French]

[Montage of Indigneous symbols: Treaty flags blowing in the wind, the RCMP Eagle Staff, the Depot Division Tipi being installed]

The RCMP Academy, Depot Division, is located in Treaty 4 Territory.

In this time of reconciliation, we believe it’s important to recognize and to give proper recognition and honour to the original Treaty 4 Nations of this land.

These are the territories of the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakoda, and the homeland of the Métis/Michif Nation.

[repeats the message in French]

[Montage of front-line workers: a nurse prepping a vaccine, healthcare workers wearing PPE and a sign for COVID-19 screening centre]

We would like to take this opportunity to dedicate tonight’s ceremony to all of the front line workers whose tireless hours have kept us healthy and safe during the pandemic.

Thank you so much for your unwavering dedication to Canadians during such a difficult time.

[repeats the message in French]

[Montage of the Parade Square: aerial footage of the Parade Square with troops marching, vintage black and white photo of troops on the Parade Square with cannons, troops marching on the Parade Square, the Canadian flag being lowered]

The Sunset Ceremony takes place on historic Sleigh Square, named after Corporal Ralph Bateman Sleigh who was killed on May 2, 1885, during the battle of Cut Knife Hill.

Only during parades and special ceremonies are pedestrian and vehicular traffic permitted on the Parade Square.

[repeats the message in French]

At this time, I would like to present Saskatchewan artist and Depot Division employee, Christie-Anne Blondeau, who will perform our National Anthem.

[repeats the message in French]

[A singer in the RCMP Drill Hall stands in front of a Canadian flag]


O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all of us command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

COMMENTATOR: There will now be a demonstration of artillery drill followed by dismounted cavalry drill by our cadets.

While firing cannons is only done on ceremonial occasions, dismounted cavalry drill is an integral part of the Cadet Training Program.

The aim of foot drill is to develop in the cadets a sense of confidence, alertness, discipline and self-control, that will enhance their ability to remain professional, even in the face of aggression or insult.

It will also give them the capacity to act decisively with a calculated and measured response.

[repeats the message in French]

[Montage of cadets marching and a cannon being pulled onto the Parade Square]

The cadets are now preparing the cannons for live firing.

[repeats the message in French]

BATTERY COMMANDER: Prepare to load!

GUN DETACHMENT COMMANDER 1: Number 1 gun, prepare to load!

GUN DETACHMENT COMMANDER 2: Number 2 gun, prepare to load!

[A cadet from each cannon team clears the barrel with a hooked rod]

BATTERY COMMANDER: Charge blank - Load!

GDC 1: Number 1 gun, load!

GDC 2: Number 2 gun, load!

[A snare drummer plays a cadence]

[A cadet picks up a charge and passes it to another who places it in the barrel]

[Another cadet uses a ramrod to push the charge to the breech of the barrel]

BATTERY COMMANDER: On my command, elevation 800!

[A cadet turns a crank, raising the barrel]

[A cadet pierces the charge through the vent]

[A cadet places a friction tube in the vent and hands the lanyard to another cadet]

GDC 1: Number 1 gun, ready!

GDC 2: Number 2 gun, ready!

[All cadets turn to face forward]

BATTERY COMMANDER: Number 1 gun, fire!

GDC 1: Number 1 gun, fire!

[The drummer plays a drumroll]

[The first team fires their cannon. A cloud of smoke fills the square.]

BATTERY COMMANDER: Number 2 gun, adjust elevation 700!

[The drummer plays a cadence as a cadet lowers the barrel of the second cannon]

GDC 2: Number 2 gun ready!

BATTERY COMMANDER: Number 2 gun, fire!

GDC 2: Number 2 gun, fire!

[The second team fires their cannon. The smoke slowly dissipates.]


GDC 1: Number 1 gun, empty gun!

GDC 2: Number 2 gun, empty gun!

[music: marching band music]

[Troops march in front of the RCMP Chapel and onto the Parade Square. The troop marches around the Parade Square.]

[The Troop Commander yells commands and the troop follows the orders]

[A train whistle blows in the distance]

[The troop assembles. The right marker comes forward. Troop marches forward and comes into formation. Troops number off.]

[The troop continues to march around the Parade Square. The Canadian flag can be seen at halfmast to honour the discovery of remains at the Kamloops Indian Residential School.]

[Marching band music plays throughout]

COMMENTATOR: The Sunset Ceremony is based on the military custom of lowering the flag at the end of the working day after all personnel have returned to the post.

The cadets are now preparing to lower the flag.

[Montage of the Depot flag pole, built to look like a ship's mast]

The flagpole was erected by members of Troop “P” on September 14, 1943, and honours the RCMP’s link to our naval traditions.

[repeats the message in French]

[The Flag Party Commander yells commands]

[The bugler plays "Retreat" as cadets in the Flag Party lower the Canadian flag]

The bugle call played during the lowering of the flag is called the “Retreat” and traditionally marks the end of the official day.

While more modern means of maintaining the training schedule are now utilised, the cadets of Depot Division still begin every day with the bugle call “Reveille” and end each with “Retreat”.

[repeats the message in French]

[The Flag Party carries the flag to the Parade Square]

[music: "The Maple Leaf Forever"]

[The Flag Party holds up the flag]

[The Flag Party Commander yells commands as the Flag Party folds the flag]

[The Flag Party passes the folded flag to the Flag Party Commander]

[Montage of Queen Elizabeth II visiting the RCMP Academy in 1973 and 2005]

“God save the Queen” will now play to end our Sunset Ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth II, as well as being the Queen of Canada, holds the honorary appointment of Commissioner in Chief of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

[repeats the message in French]

[Parade comes to attention]


[Troop Commander, Battery Commander and Flag Party Commander salute]

[music: orchestral arrangement of "God Save the Queen"]

[music: "RCMP Regimental March"]

[Montage of the event: smoke coming from the cannon, troops marching, the Canadian flag being lowered, the sun setting behind the Depot Division Tipi]

COMMENTATOR: This concludes the Sunset Ceremony for 2021.

We want to thank cadets and staff who assisted with the creation of this virtual event.

Without their time and effort, this event would have not been possible.

Happy Canada Day to everyone!

[repeats the message in French]

SUPER: © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2021.

[Canada wordmark]

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