Self-Assessment: School Violence

Have you done your part? The life you save could be your own!

An empty hallway with green lockers on either side.

Do you, your classmates and parents know what to do in a school lockdown situation? Take this self-assessment and see how much you know. Knowing what to do can greatly impact your safety and the safety of others if ever there was a situation of violence at your school.

1. Would your parents know what to do (and what not to do) if your school was in a lockdown?
2. When your school is in lockdown, would using your phone endanger others by overloading the airwaves and possibly shutting down an important call to the police?
3. Have you and your classmates been taught what you should do in the event of a school lockdown?
4. Did you know that when you practice school lockdown procedures, you are helping police by reducing confusion for arriving officers?
5. Could offering support to those who may need it potentially prevent school violence?
6. Should you take any threats (verbal or written) by your peers seriously and report them to a trusted adult?
7. Did you know that empowering your peers and classmates to make a positive difference in someone's life is a big step in preventing potential threats from manifesting?
8. Did you know that during a school lockdown situation, it is the role of the school or police to inform parents and not the student's role?
9. Did you know that it is proper procedure during a lockdown situation to lock yourselves in a classroom and not try to run out through an exit?
10. Is your school a welcoming place, where everyone is made to feel valued?
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