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Delete Cyberbullying

This video features animated blocks to inform and instruct teenagers about cyberbullying and actions to take if you are bullied.

In a world where you are always connected

(Animated outline of a planet with sun rising on the horizon- written text)


(Animated map of the world with various social media symbols)

Instantly message anyone

(Animated hand holding smart phone showing map of the world)

And livestream your friends

All this is great

But it may lead to

  • Nobody joined your call.
  • Hahaha

(Animated hand operating a smart phone and receiving message)


  • Noun

(Animated written definition of the word cyberbullying)

Sending threatening messages

Aggressively trolling others

Impersonating people online

Online harassment and stalking

Writing offensive posts

Sharing private or intimate pics and videos without consent

For the victim, cyberbullying can lead to:

(Animated blue character closing the cover of a laptop with earphones on top)


(Slouching animated blue character sitting on a bed by a window)

Social Anxiety

(Animated blue character watching purple and green characters from a window)

Loneliness, and embarrassment

(Kneeling animated blue character slipping to ground from the windowsill and)

Stressed-related health problems like headaches and stomach aches

(Animated blue character in a drifting house standing by the window with purple and green animated character watching)

Low self esteem

Skipping school

Low grades

Aggressive behaviours

(Animated house with character at the window floating in the air, quickly followed by multiple floating houses)

Contemplating, attempting, or committing suicide

(Black screen with white writing)

Cyberbullying can have legal consequences

(Black animated scale on white background)

(Black animated writing depicting various behaviours and their legal consequence)

Spreading rumors about someone

Defamatory Libel

Creating a fake profile to ruin one's reputation

Identity Theft/ Fraud

Threatening to share someone's personal information to others if they don't do what you want them to do

Uttering Threats and Extortion

Constantly sending mean or threatening messages that make someone fear for their safety

Criminal Harassment

Sharing intimate pics and videos of minors (under the age of 18)

Child pornography

If you have experienced cyberbullying,

(Animated pink characters)

You can

(Animated pink character with grey animated hands reaching out)

Leave the conversation

Unfollow or block the user

(Animated character suspended in the air putting sunglasses on )

Protect your privacy and adjust your profile settings

(Animated pink character receiving a message on a smart phone)

Take a screenshot

(Animated pink hand holding a smart phone with a message written)

  • Hey nerd
  • U gon get it

And report the content to the website or app admin

(Animated pink character suspended in the air with sunglasses reading smart phone)

Talk to someone: a parent, friend, police officer or trusted adult

If it is life-threatening, contact your local police agency

(Animated pink character suspended with sunglasses and yellow animated suspended character)

(Animated pink hand holding a smart phone showing numbers 911)

Recognize it. Report it. Delete it from your school and community.

(Black writing on grey background)

For more information, please visit: RCMP Centre for Youth Crime Prevention

(Black screen with white writing)

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View a high resolution version of the video on the RCMP YouTube channel.