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Bullying Tales

We asked for your bullying stories, and the following are excerpts of what we received. They came from all ages, right across the country. The pain that bullying causes was very evident in these submissions; however, things can definitely change for the better, which is demonstrated in the stories we're featuring below.

"I Used to be the Bully"

Name: Janet
Location: Alberta

I used to be the bully. I was the one who laughed and picked on other kids, shoved them in mud puddles, and even cut the back out of one kid's pants because I found out he was too poor to wear underwear some days. I was a lonely kid, ignored at home. I wanted attention. I stopped at age 10 because I discovered positive attention. I hope every kid knows that if you just stand up, it will stop. It's hard, but it works!

Name: Jay
Location: Ontario

It started in high school. I started bullying kids because I was trying to fit in. Now that I'm older, I wonder about the kids I bullied; was high school bad for them because I made it that way? I look back at it and I feel terrible. I know what I did wasn't worth being popular, and if I had a chance I would say I'm sorry and I wished it never happened.

"I Had to Stand Up for Myself"

Name: Jason
Location: Ontario

The school I went to predominantly had white/black students - I was one of the two Asian kids (the other being my sister). I was subject to a lot of racist bullying (verbal & physical) daily. There were teachers patrolling the school grounds, and even though they saw what was going on, nothing was done about it. I had to stand up for myself. I don't want to recommend initiating fights with bullies, but if you are getting attacked, do not be afraid to stand up for yourself. That self-respect I earned as a kid is something I am still proud of today.

"I Survived"

Name: Stephen
Location: Newfoundland

From as far back as I can remember I have had a speech impediment. I still remember the day, August 10, 1995 at a soccer game, 4 players on the opposing team spent 90 minutes bullying me for a condition I had no control over. No one stood up for me. For the next 2 years I was a shy, tense, introverted teenager. The same 4 people and their friends ganged up on me every now and then. There's not a day goes by I don't regret not standing up for myself. But I grew up, I persevered and today I am a mechanical engineer with a great career.

Name: Kimberley
Location: British Columbia

I was bullied by my peers, in school and in the neighborhood, throughout my childhood and teens. I was teased about my appearance, even teased by my teachers since they compared me to my older brother. I withdrew from the kids and became a loner. As sad as it sounds, it really wasn't. During the alone time with myself, I realized my self-worth. Those kids never knew the real me. I knew high school wasn't forever. Believing in myself kept me going and it kept me alive.

Name: Charles
Location: Alberta

I was always one or two years younger than my classmates and small for my age, so I was a perfect subject to be picked on. Combine this with effeminate tendencies, and sometimes my life was hell. I was able to move away from my small rural community at age 14 so that was a breath of fresh air. No kid should have to put up with the humiliation that I did, but in the end it made me a stronger person.

"I Decided to Do Something"

Name: Jenny
Location: Ontario

When I was in school, a few girls & I formed a group called the "Private Eyes," (our theme song was from Hall & Oates). Our mission: to patrol the school yard and ensure that all the other kids were being included and not being bullied. I'm not sure how many kids we helped, but it was something we took very seriously. I've always tried to stand up for others. I can only hope that I can do the same for my son, and that someday he will be the guardian of the playground.

Name: Jeanne
Location: Nova Scotia

I am the mother of a now 17-year-old son that was bullied all his school years. After removing him from school, I decided to do something publicly. Three years ago, I decided to create a walk to raise awareness. To our surprise, 90+ people joined us. I decided then and there that it would be an annual thing. Last year, 245+ showed up to walk and this year, we had 185+ show. I will continue to raise awareness on this subject because I know all the pain and suffering that my son has had (and still does) daily.

Name: Makayla
Location: Nova Scotia

When I was only 8 years old I was bullied by another student. She thought it impressed her friends to make fun of me regularly until I would pretend I was sick and leave school for the day. One day I found my voice...literally! I began taking voice lessons and writing my own songs. One of the first songs I ever wrote was called "The Joke's On You," and as soon as I recorded it and put it online, I was featured on news stations all across Canada. The song has since been viewed over 55,000 times on Youtube. I am so proud to have helped others realize they are not alone!

"Things Can Change"

Name: Maryse
Location: New Brunswick

Bullying is not new and when I was in school, people (mostly boys) were laughing at me because I had crooked feet. They were making fun of the way I was walking. I decided to react and give them a good reason to laugh, so I started walking in a much worst way. And people started laughing with me instead. I became "funnier" than my bully. My sense of humour saved me. And because I experienced that, I was able to stand for others.

Name: Cheri-Lynn
Location: New Brunswick

My deafness plus my low esteem coming from my upbringing made me very vulnerable to being extremely bullied through my school years. I was extremely suicidal as well. There was an RCMP officer in my teens, the ONLY person who truly cared about me. Because of her being in my life at that time, she helped me to move ahead and to get better eventually. She was and still is truly my hero. It is very crucial for a kid to have someone to look up to and trust in.

Name: Travis
Location: Nova Scotia

My name is Travis and I am 9 years old. The kids who I thought were my friends picked on me every day. One day one of them grabbed my book bag and spun me around and almost out in front of a car. I told my mom and she talked to the other kid's parents. Nothing changed. Mom went to the school still nothing changed. Finally my mom decided that going to another school might be the only way to make things stop. So here I am at a new school, not being bullied and friends with everyone. Don't be afraid to stand up and speak out!!

Name: Azul
Location: Yukon

When I was in grade three I was bullied by four guys; they called me names and sometimes they'd hit me. So I told the teacher what was happening and everything was sorted out. It's best to tell someone what's going on, because if you don't it will just continue and get worse.

If you are being bullied or know someone who is, don't be afraid to seek help. Here are some resources that are available to you: