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Form 3774
Suspected Counterfeit Bank Notes & Forged Payment Cards

Counterfeit Currency

Counterfeiting Canadian bank notes is a serious criminal offence that negatively affects all Canadians by reducing confidence in our nation's currency.

The RCMP has taken a lead role in counterfeit currency enforcement through the strategic implementation of dedicated Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Teams (ICET) located in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Counterfeit investigations have shown that the majority of Canadian counterfeit notes are produced by organized crime groups using high-volume production and distribution methods. The RCMP is working pro-actively with other domestic and international police agencies in a joint effort to counteract counterfeit activity.

The RCMP and the Bank of Canada work together to inform the public about bank note security features and to encourage bank note verification. The best way to prevent currency counterfeiting is for Canadians to know their money. Most counterfeit bank notes are of poor quality and can easily be recognized by verifying a few security features.

Counterfeit deterrence requires a team approach from all partners including law enforcement agencies, the Bank of Canada, retailers and Canadian citizens working together to prevent this crime.