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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Commissioner's inspection

Commissioner Brenda Lucki, right, pets Elliott the horse with his rider standing nearby. Former Commissioner Inkster looks on in the background.
Commissioner Nicholson, middle, inspects the Musical Ride, speaking with Constable James Murray, right, as Riding Master Staff Sergeant Anderson looks on.

Every spring, the RCMP Commissioner visits the Musical Ride stables in Ottawa, Ontario. There, the Commissioner inspects the Musical Ride before the start of its annual summer tour.

The Commissioner's inspection dates back to July 22, 1952, when Commissioner Leonard Hanson Nicholson carried out the first inspection. This occurred at the N Division stables in Ottawa, now known as the Musical Ride Centre.

During the inspection, the Commissioner and Riding Master for the Musical Ride pass by the riders and their horses, lined up in rows. Speaking to the riders and observing the horses allows the Commissioner to ensure each meets the Musical Ride's standard of excellence.

The Commissioner then watches the first official performance of the season, led by the Officer in Charge of the Musical Ride. This first-hand look at the Musical Ride is to ensure it is ready to represent Canada and us during its annual tour.

After the performance, the Commissioner takes the salute during the March Past from the reviewing stand. This officially begins the Musical Ride's tour.

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