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Lindsey Jill NICHOLLS

Cold Case Files

DOB: 1978-SEPT-12

Location : Comox Valley, British Columbia (BC)

Details : On August 2, 1993, Lindsey NICHOLLS was 14 years of age and had temporarily moved into a foster home located on Royston Road in the Comox Valley, B.C.

During the morning of that day she had a disagreement with her foster mother and walked out of the residence apparently to meet friends in Courtenay. She was last seen walking down the driveway towards Royston Road by her foster mother and was never seen again. NICHOLLS had left all her belongings and treasures in her room and her mother felt NICHOLLS had not planned to run away.

NICHOLLS was described as Caucasian, 5'3", 110-115lbs, green eyes, blonde hair colored with red henna. She had been wearing jeans, a khaki silk tank top, a blue and pink checkered shirt and white "Esprit" canvas style deck runners.

It is possible NICHOLLS may have run away to Vancouver, B.C., as she had previously lived in Delta, B.C. until her family moved to the Comox Valley in the summer of 1992. NICHOLLS had run away in April 1993 and was located at a friend's residence in Delta.

An extensive investigation to date has failed to uncover any leads as to her whereabouts or details as to her disappearance.

Contact : If you have any information about this case, please contact Cpl. Paul West , Comox Valley RCMP Detachment at (250) 334-5910.

File: Comox Valley, B.C. 1993-08-02
Comox Valley RCMP #1993-10083