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Cold Case Files

As each day passes, an already cold case grows a little colder. Memories fade and with them the chances of solving the crime.

Your assistance could make the difference. If you have any information at all that you can share, please contact us. Help us bring these criminals to justice and bring closure to the family and friends of the victims.

Kerrie Ann BROWN

Kerrie Ann BROWN

On October 16, 1986 fifteen year old Kerrie Ann BROWN disappeared from a house party she attended in Thompson, MB.  On the afternoon of October 18, 1986 her body was found murdered outside of Thompson, MB.

Michael Masson

Michael MASSON

On July 31, 1989, Michael MASSON's decomposed body was located in a shallow grave south of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Shawna Vanderbasch


On June 20, 1991, Shawna VANDERBASCH’s body was discovered beside a rural road south west of Calgary .

Alfred PalmerDolores Palmer

Alfred and Dolores PALMER

On December 30, 1990 both Alfred Palmer and his daughter in law Dolores Palmer were found at the rear entrance to the farmhouse west of Medicine Hat, Alberta, having been shot with a .410 shotgun.

Roberta Ferguson


On August 24, 1988, Roberta FERGUSON was camping with a group of her friends at SunnySide Campground in Cultus Lake, BC.

Ramona Wilson


Ramona Lisa WILSON, was found in a bush area on Yelich Rd, near the Smithers Airport.

Victoria Lynn Younker

Victoria Lynn YOUNKER

Victoria YOUNKER was located approximately 36 kilometres north of Lougheed Highway #7, on Sylvester Road, near Mission, BC.

Tammy Lee Pipe (aka: Starr)

Tammy Lee PIPE (aka: Starr)

Tammy PIPE was discovered in a remote wooded area approximately 10 kilometres north of the Lougheed Highway #7, near Aggasiz, BC.

Tracy Fadola Olajide

Tracy Fadola OLAJIDE

Tracy OLAJIDE was discovered on a trail adjacent to the Morris Valley logging road approximately 15 kilometers north of the Lougheed Highway #7, near Agassiz, BC.

Shizuo KADO

Shizuo KADO

The City of Burnaby is offering a total reward of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the murder of Shizuo KADO, age 98.

Rhona Margaret Duncan

Rhona Margaret DUNCAN

On the evening of July 16th 1976, 16 year-old Rhona DUNCAN and some friends attended a house party on East Queens Ave. in North Vancouver, BC.

David Jon Malloy

David Jon MALLOY

David Jon MALLOY was a cab driver for Yellow Cabs of Vancouver. He was 44 years old at the time of his death on March 19th, 1996. On Sunday March 17th, 1996, he started his shift at 2:00 p.m.

Lindsey Jill Nicholls

Lindsey Jill NICHOLLS

Lindsey Nicholls was last seen walking down the driveway towards Royston Road by her foster mother and was never seen again.

Kelly Jane Evelyn Cook

Kelly Jane Evelyn COOK

Kelly Jane Evelyn COOK, a 14 year-old female, lived with her parents in the village of Standard, Alberta, which is located 70 kilometers northeast of Calgary, Alberta.

Tara Jane White

Tara Jane WHITE

At the time of her disappearance, 19 year-old Tara WHITE had just completed her first year of studies at the University of Calgary in the Science faculty.

Pauline Elizabeth Brazeau

Pauline Elizabeth BRAZEAU

Pauline Elizabeth BRAZEAU was a 16 year-old single parent of a 9 month-old daughter when she was found murdered west of Calgary on January 9th, 1976.

Elaine Krausher


On Saturday, July 19, 1986, the body of 26 year-old Elaine KRAUSHER was found lying on the southeast bank of Jumping Pound Creek near Cochrane, Alberta.

Joanne Marie Pederson

Joanne Marie PEDERSON

Joanne Marie PEDERSON went missing from the Penny Pincher Store in the Vedder Crossing area of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Jane Johnson

Jane and Cathryn JOHNSON

Jane JOHNSON and her daughter Cathryn were murdered in their home on the evening of September 3rd, 1996. The culprit(s) set fire to the residence in an effort to conceal the crime.

Melissa Ann REHOREK

Melissa Ann REHOREK

On Wednesday, September 16, 1976, the strangled body of Melissa REHOREK was found in a ditch along a rural gravel road west of the Calgary, Alberta City.

Barbara Jean MACLEAN

Barbara Jean MACLEAN

On February 26th, 1977, the fully clothed, strangled body of Barbara MACLEAN was discovered by a man walking his dog along a gravel road near 80th Avenue and 6th Street N.E, just north of the Calgary City limits.