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Strategic Priority: National Security

Anything that impacts the fabric of Canadian society could be considered a threat to national security. The RCMP will focus its efforts on: espionage or sabotage against Canada; foreign influenced activities detrimental to the interests of Canada; activities directed toward or in support of the threat or use of acts of serious violence against Canadians for political, religious or ideological objectives; and, activities leading to the destruction or overthrow by violence of the government of Canada.

The greatest threat to Canada's national security is the threat of terrorist criminal activity in Canada and abroad. The RCMP's role is to prevent, detect, deny and respond to this criminal activity. There is an organizational necessity to ensure that our response to the threat of terrorist criminal activity is strategically aligned, focused and centrally controlled by National Headquarters. We need to ensure capacity and capability to achieve a multifaceted approach including outreach/awareness at all levels of policing with communities and partners, prevention, strategic analysis, information/intelligence sharing, and enforcement.

Our investigative successes are largely determined by our flexibility, leadership and collaboration with foreign and domestic law enforcement partners. We must continue to become more proactive and responsive in accordance with the level of threat.

This end-state can be achieved by maintaining a nation-wide integrated National Security Criminal Investigations Program; by continuously improving our information sharing practices with other federal agencies and partners consistent with current policies; by developing outreach and education strategies that will lead to the engagement of stakeholders across the country and assist Canadians in avoiding being victimized; and, by ensuring the situational awareness of the RCMP Senior Executive and the Government of Canada on the status of the threat environment.

Finally, we must also enhance our abilities to evaluate lessons learned to better equip the RCMP to prevent, detect, deny and respond to criminal activity.


(to report information regarding terrorism, criminal extremism or suspicious activities which could pose a threat to national safety and security)

Plans and Priorities

The RCMP is committed to working in partnership with both domestic and foreign agencies to enhance prevention measures against terrorist criminal activity in Canada and abroad.

The RCMP National Security strategy will "Conduct focused and effective criminal investigations".

The RCMP will:

  • counter criminal threats to the security of Canada
  • establish and maintain relationships
  • enhance information management
  • conduct focused and effective criminal investigations
  • influence public policy

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