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Impacts of Organized Crime

The pervasive nature of organized crime in legitimate global and domestic commercial markets has a widespread impact to all areas of Canadian society. Areas such as our healthcare, safety systems, and financial security are at the forefront of those adversely impacted by the far reaches of organized crime.

Economic crimes committed by organized crime groups cost Canadians billions of dollars every year. The impacts of organized crime also go far beyond monetary effects. Violence, intimidation, and corruption are mainstays of many organized criminal groups. They affect public confidence in our most fundamental sources of solace and security our homes, neighborhoods and communities. The RCMP is committed to helping ensure safe homes and safe communities.

Organized crime also affects our basic Canadian rights to peace, order and good governance. Acts of violence or intimidation in our communities; corruption in our political systems and government; diminished quality of life; compromised personal security; and disruption of family life are all effects felt from the operations of organized criminal groups.