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Safety Programs

The RCMP is pleased to work with the community to deliver programs that teach residents about personal safety. There are programs aimed at both children and adults. Working together we can develop safer communities.

Education and awareness of preventive techniques can help you recognize a potential crime situation and allow positive action to be taken that will reduce or remove the risk. When you become involved in any of these safety programs, you work with your local police to enhance community security and improve the services available in your community.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch program is aimed at reducing crime in the community. It involves getting to know your neighbours and introducing them to the concept of Neighbourhood Watch - that is, good neighbours working together, alert to the potential of crime and willing to look out for one another's interests. Neighbours working together through Neighbourhood Watch can combat crime in their area in the most effective way - before it starts. A police officer patrolling your community may not recognize a stranger inside your yard or an unusual vehicle in your neighbourhood, but your neighbours would.

Citizens on Patrol Program

The Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) concept originated in Western Canada. Ordinary citizens supplement police patrols to help reduce crime by keeping a neighbourly watch over their communities. Patrols watch for any unusual and/or criminal activity, and report such incidents to the police for any necessary follow-up.

Citizens on Patrol have neither the authority nor the mandate to make arrests, nor to take any action that might jeopardize their own safety or that of the public. The role of Citizens on Patrol is to simply observe and report.

Business Watch

Business Watch is a program aimed at reducing crime in the business community. Crime against retail business is increasing at an alarming rate. Through increased awareness and crime prevention tips, participating members are encouraged to develop good security habits and to watch out for each other's property.

Rural Crime Watch

The Rural Crime Watch/Range Patrol Program is voluntary, involving rural residents working in cooperation with their local RCMP Detachment. Membership is open to all interested residents in the rural community, subject to approval. The program is designed to deter cattle rustling and rural crime. Many of these incidents can be prevented or suspects apprehended through the cooperative efforts of the community and law enforcement agencies.

If you are interested in more information on any of these programs or brochures, please contact your local RCMP Detachment or email to Mailbox_FDIV_Community_Services.