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Auxiliary Policing Program

Auxiliary Policing is a way for community members to become actively involved in policing. The program recruits volunteers to work in their own communities in concert with regular RCMP members. Auxiliary Constables (A/Csts) undertake specific training and commit to at least 160 hours of voluntary service each year. There are approximately 100 Auxiliary Constables in Saskatchewan.


The 'F' Division Auxiliary Policing Program started approximately 20 years ago in the Province of Saskatchewan. It is funded by the Province of Saskatchewan and administered by RCMP, ‘F' Division Community Services. The "F" Division Auxiliary Policing Program is authorized under the provisions of The Police Act, 1990 (Saskatchewan) and is intended to enhance community policing.

What is an Auxiliary Constable?

Auxiliary Constables (A/Csts) are volunteers from the communities we service in Saskatchewan. All volunteers undergo 10 days of orientation training in Regina. They also undertake to continue their training at the Detachment level through on-the-job experience, supervision and through the use of training courses and manuals.

All A/Csts commit to a minimum of 160 hours of voluntary service every year in which they remain in the program. Working alongside regular members of the RCMP, Auxiliaries are appointed Special Constables by the Provincial Minister of Justice. As such, they have the full powers afforded all Peace Officers in the Province in the execution of their duties. This appointment is only for use while accompanied and under the direct supervision of a regular member of the RCMP.

A/Csts are issued the kit and clothing similar to that worn by regular members of the RCMP, without being armed. The addition of 'Auxiliary Constable' patches worn on their uniform sleeves, clearly identifies them as such.

This program provides citizens with an opportunity to voluntarily participate in policing on an organized basis. Upon meeting the qualification standards, the volunteer will be recruited and trained to a level of proficiency which will enable them to provide assistance to on-duty members of the RCMP.


The qualification standards include, but are not restricted to the following:

  1. Be at least 19 years of age.
  2. Be physically fit and pass the P.A.R.E. (Physical Ability Requirement Evaluation) at a minimum time of 4:45 minutes.
  3. Receive suitable security clearance.
  4. Reside within the boundaries of the Detachment where they apply.
  5. Meet any additional requirements as set out by the Unit Commander of the Detachment where they apply or the Division Program Coordinator.

For more information contact:
"F" Division Auxiliary Police Coordinator
(306) 780-7557