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Spring 2016, Vol. 81, No. 2


Hidden Gem Celebrates 75 Years as RCMP Summer Camp on Long Island

By Joanne Small-Greenall

There is a little-known oasis on the Rideau River near Ottawa, nestled amongst white pine, spruce and maple trees. It is a summer camp lined with shady nooks and sandy beaches where RCMP members, veterans and their families have gone for 75 years to relax and recharge.

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Constable Perserveres after Leg Amputation

By Holly Plato

When you first meet Cst. Kerri McKee, the initial question that comes to mind is, "Has she always been this happy?"

McKee's energy, boisterous voice and overall enthusiasm is electric. In fact, she is so overwhelmingly positive you almost overlook the fact that the past four years of her life have taken a toll on her that would have crushed most people.

RCMP Veterans' Association Still Vital after 130 years

By Mark Gaillard

On a cold, wintry Manitoba night, a lonely elderly man, evicted from his home and living in his car, accidently slid off the road and into the ditch near Lundar. He may have left his car to find help, but help never arrived. He was found later in the snow nearby. He had frozen to death.

Sergeant Brinkworth: Police Photographer

By Jodi Ann Eskritt

The large box camera sat precariously atop a spindly-legged tripod almost as tall as the cameraman himself with its lens pulled out like an accordion from its body. The cameraman stood behind it, his eye to the view finder, his Stetson shading his head from the sun and his target moving into sight.

Generations of Civilians Proudly Serve the RCMP

The calling to serve your country is a responsibility heard by many, and the RCMP is filled with generations of families who have proudly worn the red serge.

Mountie women and men have been connected by a blue line with their daughters, sisters, nieces, sons, brothers and nephews. But there have also been families of civilian members who have answered the call and served in the Force.

Families Connected by a Blue Line and a Red Serge

By Roxanne Beaubien

Law enforcement organizations are often referred to as families – the men and women, civilian and sworn alike – are all part of the "Mountie family." But for some, the RCMP and family have a much deeper connection.

When Our Medals Go Missing

By S/Sgt. Michael Duncan (Rtd.)

The RCMP Long Service Medal was created in 1934 and may be awarded to any officer, non-commissioned officer or constable who is of irreproachable character and who has completed no less than 20 years of service with good conduct.

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