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DNA Puts Man Behind Bars for Brutal Sexual Assault

2010–2011 National DNA Data Bank Annual Report

“Brutal,” “vicious” and “despicable” were among the words the judge used during sentencing to describe Jeremy Accobee’s September 2008 sexual assault, beating and robbery of a woman whom he had just met earlier that day. Although Accobee pleaded not guilty, the evidence against him would prove otherwise and he was sentenced to eight years for his crimes.

Detectives John Stevenson and Kelly Trudeau of the Winnipeg Police Service Sex Crimes Unit were assigned to the case. They met with the complainant in the early morning hours at the hospital where she had been brought by patrol officers. Evidence obtained from the sexual assault kit was submitted for analysis.

In May 2009, police arrested Accobee when the DNA profile generated from the evidence was uploaded into the National DNA Data Bank and resulted in a match to the Convicted Offenders Index. “The complainant didn’t know her attacker and couldn’t identify him from a photo, so the DNA and the match in the National DNA Data Bank were crucial to solving this crime,” said Detective Stevenson. Accobee was charged with several crimes including sexual assault causing bodily harm and held in custody until his trial. He was found guilty of all charges against him.

“You never feel good going into a case like this,” said Stevenson. “The victim is devastated and her life forever changed. The only consolation comes the day you realize that you have caught the guy who committed these terrible acts and he won’t be able to do it again.”