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Management of the RCMP Disciplinary Regime 2011-2012 Annual Report

“The effective management of employee behavior is a central component of supervisory responsibilities. Where behavior of a member of the RCMP fails to meet the expected standard, it is imperative that swift and measured action be taken.”

Commissioner’s letter to Commanding Officers, January 3, 2012

Note to Reader:

Adjudicative Services Branch has identified an error in Figure 2 and Figure 3 of the 2011-2012 Annual Report after it was printed. This electronic version has therefore been revised to replace “Prosessional Integrity Officer” with “Professional Integrity Officer” in these two figures. The electronic version is, to this extent, inconsistent with the printed version.

Table of Contents

Cover of the Management of the RCMP Disciplinary Process, 2011-2012 Annual Report

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Preface: Message from the Director General

Chapter 1: The RCMP Disciplinary Regime

1.1 Report Overview

1.2 Ministerial Directive

1.3 Overview of the Disciplinary Regime

  1. Historical Overview
  2. RCMP Act Code of Conduct
  3. Informal and Formal Discipline
  4. Treasury Board Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector and the RCMP Organizational Code of Conduct
  5. Adjudication Boards
  6. Suspension of Members
  7. Suspension of Pay and Allowances
  8. Appeals of Adjudication Board Decisions and the External Review Process
    Figure 1: Discipline Process under Part IV of the RCMP Act

Chapter 2: Components of the Formal Disciplinary Regime

2.1 The Office of Professional Integrity
Figure 2: Office of Professional Integrity Organizational Chart

2.2 Context

2.3 Adjudicative Services Branch
Figure 3: Adjudicative Services Branch Organizational Chart

2.4 Branch Directorates

  1. Discipline Adjudications Directorate
    Figure 4: Discipline Adjudications Directorate Organizational Chart
  2. Appropriate Officer Representative Directorate
    Figure 5: Appropriate Officer Representative Directorate Organizational Chart
  3. Member Representative Directorate
    Figure 6: Member Representative Directorate Organizational Chart

2.5 Professional Standards and External Review Directorate
Figure 7: Professional Standards and External Review Directorate Organizational Chart

2.6 Regional/Divisional Role

  1. Professional Standards Units
  2. Discipline Reviewers

Chapter 3: The Disciplinary Regime in Practice 2011-2012

3.1 Formal Discipline

  1. Directorates Overview
    1. Discipline Adjucations Directorate
    2. Appropriate Officer Representative Directorate
    3. Member Representative Directorate
      Figure 8: Member Representative Directorate Incoming Files 2011-2012
      Figure 9: Member Representative Directorate Incoming Files 2000-2012
  2. Branch Overview
    1. Centralization of Adjudicative Services Branch
    2. Case Management System Pilot Project
    3. Early Resolution Process
      Figure 10: Early Resolution Process: Concluded Formal Discipline Cases 2008-2009 to 2011-2012
    4. Maintenance and Monitoring of Records
    5. Training
    6. Other Initiatives
    7. Formal Discipline Activities
      Figure 11: 2011-2012 Formal Discipline Cases Disposed Of
      Figure 12: 2011-2012 Monthly Discipline Caseload Activity
      Figure 13: 2011-2012 Formal Discipline Cases by Division
      Figure 14: Formal Discipline – Average Days to Conclusion
      Figure 15: Formal Discipline Caseload Activity Year-to-Year Comparison 2000 to 2012
      Figure 16: Concluded Disciplinary Cases by Division
      Figure 17: Formal Discipline Statistics 1994 to 2012

      Digest of Cases – Fiscal Year 2011-2012

      Figure 18: Percentage of Members Who Have Received Formal Discipline Compared to the Total Established Number of Members on Strength for Fiscal Years 2002 to 2012
      Figure 19: Allegations of Member Misconduct Which Proceeded to Formal Discipline: April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2012
  3. Professional Standards and External Review Directorate
    1. Review of Suspension Policy
    2. Implementation of Reporting Policy for Serious Occurrences
    3. National Code of Conduct Database
    4. Discipline Appeals

3.2 Informal Discipline
Figure 20: Informal Discipline by Divisions 2000 to 2012

3.3 Suspension of Members
Figure 21: Members Suspended from Duty With Pay and Without Pay and Allowances: April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2012

3.4 Best Practices - Initiatives of Interest

  1. “E” Division Code of Conduct Study – Implementation of Recommendations
  2. “E” Division – Performance Awareness Reporting Service
  3. “H” Division Early Intervention: Integrated Risk Management Program
  4. The North West Region Discipline Centre

Chapter 4: Conclusion

The Way Forward


Appendix A: Ministerial Directive

Appendix B: Glossary of Terms

Appendix C: RCMP Act Part IV

Appendix D: RCMP Divisions and Divisional Headquarters

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