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Strategic Priorities

Serious and Organized Crime

Organized crime affects the daily lives of Canadians. Organized crime can affect your take-home pay, your property tax bill, your electricity bill, your car and home insurance bills, your monthly banking fee, your credit card payment, and much more...
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National Security

National security and the threat of terrorism remain top priorities for Canadians. The RCMP will prevent, detect, deny and respond to criminal activity in relation to national security with the primary focus of gathering evidence for criminal prosecution, and enhancing public safety. This will be achieved by investigative processes that respect the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
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A key objective of the RCMP's National Youth Strategy is working with young people to prevent crimes involving them either as victims or offenders...
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Aboriginal Communities

The RCMP has a long and productive history of service to First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. Today, the RCMP serves more than 600 Aboriginal communities. Delivering culturally competent police services provides the foundation necessary to build respectful and collaborative relationships with our Aboriginal partners.
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Economic Integrity

The types of crimes driven by the motivation for profit are extensive and certainly not victimless. Illegal economic activity either robs or diverts funds away from hard-working Canadians...
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