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New international taskforce combats foreign bribery

Specialized investigators from across the globe have joined forces to create an International Foreign Bribery Taskforce (IFBT) as part of a new trans-border agreement to combat foreign bribery.

Subject matter experts from the Australian Federal Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and City of London Police’s Overseas Anti-Corruption Unit will work closely together as part of the new taskforce.

Officially established in May 2013 when all agencies signed a Memorandum of Understanding, the taskforce enables like-minded countries to work collaboratively to strengthen investigations into foreign bribery crimes, and support the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and United Nations (UN) anti-bribery conventions.

The taskforce will enhance law enforcement’s response to foreign bribery on an international scale by providing a platform for police experts from Australia, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to share knowledge, skills, methodologies and case studies.

The taskforce will meet annually to discuss trends and challenges in relation to foreign bribery of public officials, and will also provide an opportunity for taskforce members to share investigative methodologies and good practices. 

“The RCMP takes international anti-corruption seriously. Bribery and corruption are borderless crimes which cross many police jurisdictions,” said Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud, Commanding Officer of the RCMP’s National Division. “The International Foreign Bribery Taskforce will allow us to work with our law enforcement partners in North America, Australia and the UK, and focus on these crimes which cause serious moral and political concerns, undermine good governance and sustainable economic development, and distort the conditions of international competition.”

The RCMP’s investigative resources are situated strategically to cover eastern and western Canada. Ottawa-based resources at National Division’s Sensitive and International Investigations Section service the east, while Calgary-based resources service the west. Both locations investigate allegations of international corruption in accordance with the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA),the Criminal Code and other legislation.

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For more information, please contact:
Cpl. Lucy Shorey, Media Relations Officer
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