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National Security Community Outreach

What is the RCMP’s Role in Ensuring
National Security?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has the primary responsibility for preventing, detecting and investigating terrorism-related criminal activities in Canada. The RCMP aims to build capacity to eliminate terrorist criminal activity in Canada, and considers national security an organizational priority.

Furthermore, the RCMP effectively responds to threats to Canada’s security by detecting, preventing, denying and investigating national security criminality, and is committed to protecting the safety and security of Canadians while respecting their personal rights and freedoms.

RCMP National Security Community Outreach

The RCMP National Security Community Outreach initiative is a comprehensive effort to engage all of Canada’s ethnic, cultural and religious communities in the protection of Canada’s national security.The effective protection of Canada’s national security requires the awareness and active engagement of all citizens, as it is a shared responsibility.

A strong and integrated law enforcement approach, in partnership with impacted communities, has been created to counter terrorist criminal activity and radicalization leading to violence. While there is a clear role for law enforcement in countering violent radicalization, it must be undertaken in full collaboration with both the affected communities and the relevant government agencies.

Goals of National Security Community Outreach

National Security Community Outreach is part of the RCMP’s strategy to build mutual trust and understanding between the RCMP and communities affected by national security criminal investigations.

Community Outreach is based on the philosophy that effective counter-radicalization programming is about promoting a community that is tolerant and inclusive, and not about targeting specific ideologies or beliefs.

National Security Community Outreach encourages open dialogue to help communities and the RCMP better understand common objectives, and identify and resolve local concerns. National Security Community Outreach also ensures that appropriate channels of communication exist on an ongoing basis by maintaining regular contact with community members through meetings and other community-based events.

The RCMP targets criminal activity wherever it takes place in Canada. For that reason, the RCMP has a clear policy on bias-free policing, and consistently aims to provide equitable policing services to all the people it deals with, while respecting diversity.

The RCMP welcomes invitations to meet with community groups to discuss its role in national security. To request information on the RCMP’s outreach services, please contact National Security Community Outreach at

For more information on the RCMP’s role in national security, please visit:

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