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RCMP remind Motorists to Remove Studded Tires, Halifax, N.S.


Nova Scotia RCMP Traffic Services remind motorists to do their part to keep our roadways safe by ensuring their vehicle is ready for spring driving conditions. As such, motorists are advised to remove studded tires by May 1st, 2011. Studded tires are not to be used between May 1st and October 14th of each year.

Motorists should adhere to these simple checks to ensure your vehicle is to ready to spring safely into summer:
* Check you tires for worn treads and ensure they are properly inflated;
* Replace wiper blades that are worn due the winter ice and snow. Worn wiper blades can hamper driver visibility in spring rain;
* If driving in a heavy spring rain, do not use cruise control;
* Check vehicle lighting including headlights, tail-lights, back-up lights, turn signals, parking lights and brake lights;
* To increase your night time visibility, ensure your headlights lights are angled properly.

"It's important for drivers to remember that the warmer weather will bring children to the roadways with their bicycles and skateboards," says Sgt. Dan Gaudet of the RCMP Annapolis Valley Traffic Services, "Drivers must remain cognizant of pedestrians who may be distracted in the excitement of the warmer weather."

Nova Scotia RCMP Traffic Services and you. Working to together to keep our roadways safe.

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