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Preston RCMP Community Office

Preston RCMP Community Office
44 Simmonds Road
North Preston, NS B2Z 1A3
Phone: 902-426-1607
Fax: 902-426-1399

General Description

The Preston community office serves the areas of North Preston, East Preston and Cherry Brook/Lake Loon.

North Preston is the largest of these three areas with a population of approximately 3,700 people. There is a large elementary school, several community buildings, day care, medical centre, volunteer fire department and several local businesses. North Preston is the largest indigenous black community in Canada.

East Preston has a population of approximately 1,900 and is spread over a large geographic area. There is a church, elementary school, day care, several local businesses and community groups.

The Cherry Brook/Lake Loon area has a combined population of approximately 700. The community church is the center of most activities. The community fosters church groups and organizations, and is home to a large recreation centre. The well known Black Cultural Centre of Nova Scotia is located on Cherry Brook Road.

Community Office

The Preston community office enforces Criminal Code, Liquor Control Act, Motor Vehicle Act, and a variety of Provincial Statutes and Municipal By-Laws. Break and enters, collisions, and criminal code cases rank as most of the workload.

The area consists of the following Municipal District:

  • District 3 (Preston/Lawrencetown/ Cheezetcook)
    • Councillor David Hendsbee

Community Profiles: