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Halifax District RCMP

About Halifax District RCMP

Halifax District is the largest RCMP jurisdiction east of the Rockies.  It provides police services for many of the suburban areas of Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).  Halifax District is unique in the fact that some units are integrated with Halifax Regional Police.  Halifax District RCMP and Halifax Regional Police utilize a joint management strategy to optimize the use of police resources and develop shared priorities.  The Officer-in-Charge of Halifax District RCMP is co-located with the Halifax Regional Police management team at the HRM Police Headquarters Building on Gottingen Street in downtown Halifax.

Integrated policing provides an enhanced level of service for all citizens of Halifax Regional Municipality.  Integrated units include the Criminal Investigation Division (CID), Traffic Services, and the Courts Section.


Crime Reduction Strategy

Combining the work of front-line police officers, intelligence gathering and analysis as well as directed enforcement and tactics are key components of the RCMP Crime Reduction Strategy. As part of the ongoing strategy to reduce crime within Halifax Regional Municipality, the RCMP has implemented a strategy based on well documented successes in other countries, RCMP jurisdictions such as British Columbia and New Brunswick, and other Canadian police agencies. These strategic coordinated and comprehensive approaches to crime and safety have been practiced for almost two decades in some of the jurisdictions previously mentioned.  An effective Crime Reduction Strategy in HRM places a high priority on the demographics of crime, introduces initiatives to combat crime and enhance public safety.

These initiatives and their results will be scrutinized to determine the effectiveness of the Crime Reduction Strategy as a measure of accountability.  The RCMP Crime Reduction Strategy uses intelligence-led policing and crime analysts to accurately identify crime issues.  Crime analysts use data and intelligence to support the overall strategy and help develop a targeted, effective and timely policing response to crime.  The RCMP will continue to develop integrated partnerships between police, government, the justice system and key social service agencies to work together to create coordinated solutions specific to the municipality.

Halifax District RCMP is targeting property crime because research shows those committing the property crime and identified as chronic offenders are also involved in, or eventually become involved in, violent crime.  Research also shows that a relatively small group of offenders is responsible for a disproportionately high amount of property crime.  In policing terms, it’s commonly referred to as the 20/80 theory where 20% of the offenders are committing 80% of the crime.  Therefore, by identifying and focusing on that small group of individuals, police can have a much bigger impact on property crime than they would by conducting random patrols.

Community Outreach

Halifax District RCMP has seven dedicated Community Policing Officers and seven School Liaison Officers serving HRM.  There are community policing offices located in Cherry Brook, Lake Echo, Porters Lake, Lawrencetown, Eastern Passage, Fall River, Beaver Bank, Prospect Road and Lakeside.

Halifax District RCMP Facts

  • 204 Regular members, two Civilian members, 30 Public Service Employees and approximately 300 volunteers

  • Serves approximately 168,000 citizens in HRM

  • Serves a geographical area of 5577 square kms or 94% of HRM

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