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Lower Sackville Detachment

Lower Sackville

Lower Sackville Detachment

711 Old Sackville Road
Lower Sackville,
Nova Scotia
B4C 3H6

Telephone: 902-244-7208
Fax: 902-864-6010

Our Detachment

The Lower Sackville Detachment has approximately 65 Members and 45 volunteers who deliver policing services to the area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, the detachment has two RCMP members dedicated to Community Policing and three full-time School Liaison Officers.

Our Community

The Lower Sackville Detachment serves the areas of Lower, Middle and Upper Sackville, Beaver Bank, Fall River, Waverley, and the area surrounding the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. The area is bordered by Highway 102 and Highway 101. The Sackville River runs through the community.

Lower Sackville community

With a population of almost 53,000 people, many residents commute to Halifax and Dartmouth.

The Lower Sackville Detachment also has two RCMP Community Policing offices located in Beaver Bank and Fall River. These offices are staffed by volunteers and used by the community and RCMP members to host meetings, provide information and build partnerships between the police and the public. For additional information, please contact the Lower Sackville Detachment.

Our Priorities

The Lower Sackville Detachment works to ensure community needs are met through collaboration with local residents to develop local policing priorities. The RCMP Lower Sackville Detachment priorities include:

Road Safety, with a focus on:

  • education
  • strategic enforcement (based on the analysis of crime trends)
  • awareness, with the goal of reducing serious/fatal collisions and distracted drivers

Cyber Crime, with a focus on:

  • education
  • improving public awareness on emerging trends
  • prevention through partnerships with the business community

Crime Prevention/Reduction, with a focus on:

  • analyzing crime data leading to the strategic deployment of policing resources
  • the Hybrid Hub model (a community-led, evidence-based, intervention model for youth)
  • reducing property crimes and crimes against persons

Community Contributions

Members ofthe Lower Sackville Detachment participate in numerous community events including Remembrance Day, Community Parades, Canada Day celebrations as well as youth programs such as Stetsons and Spurs. 

Lower Sackville Operation Rednose Our Community Policing Officers spearhead a number of policing programs such as Citizens on Patrol, Operation Hawkeye, Safe Senior Police Academy and Shred-a-Thons. They also assist in our community policing offices. 

Lower Sackville's School Liaison officers work closely with students from the 25 schools in the area. Programs such as Drugs Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.), internet safety and anti-bullying are introduced to children through these officers.

Please contact the detachment if you require RCMP participation in an upcoming event in your community.