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Citizens play an important role in reducing the production and trafficking of marihuana, Riviere-Verte, N.B.


The District 10 RCMP is dedicated to dismantling and eradicating indoor and outdoor marihuana grow operations, and to reducing the harm caused to communities in the counties of Madawaska and Victoria by the production and trafficking of marihuana. Disrupting and dismantling the illegal production, trafficking and exportation of marihuana are priorities for the RCMP in New Brunswick. 

"Wherever illegal marihuana grow operations exist, there are increased risks and danger to the public," says Cst. Fédéric Gagnon, of the District 10 RCMP. "There is a greater chance of fire, explosions and increased criminal activity, not to mention other health and safety risks."

Illegal marihuana grow operations are often run by criminal organizations, and the profits derived from the production of marihuana in the province are used to finance these groups. Common signs of a marihuana grow operation include frequent traffic at all hours, and the presence of hoses, pumps, fertilizer bags, pots, gardening equipment, etc.

In many police investigations, members of the public help us by providing useful information. We encourage members of the public to report any drug-related activity by contacting their local RCMP detachment, or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

These efforts are part of the Marihuana Grow Initiative, the RCMP’s national strategy to combat marihuana grow operations and the organized crime groups running them in our communities. For more information, visit:

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Cst. Frédéric Gagnon
District 10 RCMP

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