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RCMP Licensing Program

Licensing Program LogoAcross Canada and around the world, RCMP products are being manufactured and sold to celebrate a well known and respected Canadian icon: "The Canadian Mountie." What is particularly exceptional about this initative is that a portion of the proceeds generated from every sale are re-directed back into Canadian communties to support our country’s youth at risk.

About the Program

The RCMP Licensing program was developed in 1995 for three reasons:

  • To protect the image and integrity of the RCMP's Intellectual Property by monitoring its commercial use.
  • To ensure that the RCMP image is only represented on quality products.
  • To create a program that would give back to Canadian communities.

How it Works

The RCMP has entered into a Master Licensing Agreement with The RCMP Foundation regarding the Intellectual Property Rights for the management and development of particular types of items.  The RCMP Foundation assists in the creation of each of these products and carefully reviews every piece with respect to quality, marketability, appropriateness and positive reflection of the image of the RCMP. Every product must be preliminarily approved by the RCMP Foundation with final approvals provided by the RCMP Intellectual Property Office before it can be manufactured and distributed.  The RCMP image and its marks are trademark protected and cannot be used on any product without the consent of the RCMP Intellectual Property Office.

Royalties from the distribution of officially licensed products are collected from manufacturers to support funding of various community programs across the country.

These proceeds have contributed significantly to initiatives in such areas as drug awareness, crime prevention, literacy, victim services and internet safety. The funding of these programs would not be possible without the royalties collected from the sales of official RCMP merchandise.

More information on product licensing and the RCMP Foundation can be
found on the RCMP Foundation website.

Additional information on how to purchased licensed RCMP product can be
found on The Mountie Shop website.  

For additional information on the Foundation, contact:
The RCMP Foundation
595 Montreal Road, Suite 400
Ottawa, ON K1K 4L2
Ph: (613) 741-7560
Fx: (613) 741-7778