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The RCMP Foundation (RCMPF)

Charitable Registration Number (891132540 RR0001)

The RCMP Foundation (formerly the Mounted Police Foundation) was formed as an independent arms length organization in 1994 with the purpose of supporting the work of RCMP members across Canada who tirelessly and voluntarily develop and coordinate programs with local community groups in an effort to enhance the lives of Canada’s youth at risk.

Many of the programs supported by the Foundation are run in isolated communities where access to recreation facilities and community programming is limited.  Be it helping build an outdoor skate park, starting a community Cadet Corps or coaching a sports team, the RCMP members rely on the Foundation to help make these ideas a reality. 

To date, the RCMP Foundation has provided almost $3 million to over 500 community initiatives in support of youth at risk.

The Foundation has a small dedicated staff and a Board of Directors from across the country who donate their time, energy and resources for the benefit of our youth at risk.

Raising Funds for Canada’s Youth at Risk

The Foundation raises funds in several ways.  A primary source of funding revenue are the royalties derived from the Foundation’s management of the RCMP licensing program, which licenses manufacturers to produce and market products that depict the RCMP logo and image.